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Replace Your Windshield With Glass Doctor

If your vehicle has recently experienced substantial windshield damage, you might need to consider steps to protect the structural integrity of your car. Glass Doctor® offers trusted services to replace your windshield, using procedures recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), to ensure the safety of your vehicle and its passengers.

Why You Might Need to Replace Your Windshield

Your vehicle’s windshield makes up to 60% of the structural integrity of the car in a rollover accident, according to the AGSC. While this number varies depending on the car’s exact make and model, it highlights the importance of knowing when you should replace your windshield.

There are a number of reasons you may need to have your windshield replaced rather than repaired. Glass Doctor especially focuses on a few factors:


Typically, if a chip is larger than ⅜ inch or a crack is longer than three inches, you’ll need a replacement.


The longer a chip or crack remains unaddressed on a windshield, the more likely it is to require a replacement.


You’ll need to replace your windshield if a chip or crack is directly in your line of sight. Windshield repairs often leave a slight outline in the repair area that could obscure your view.

Taking small steps to keep your windshields safe throughout all seasons is recommended—but for larger issues, like a replacement, you’ll want to entrust the fix to a group of experts. An improperly installed windshield could dislodge during an accident.

Why Should You Choose Glass Doctor to Replace Your Windshield?

Just as the decision to replace your windshield requires thought, so does the decision to choose where to get it replaced. Ultimately, you want to ensure that those doing the job are using quality materials and can provide a secure replacement.

Glass Doctor goes through several steps to properly replace your windshield:

  • The windshield is carefully removed to avoid damaging the paint and bonding surface.
  • Glass Doctor then selects and installs a windshield that matches the original manufacturer quality.
  • Glass Doctor uses only AGSC-approved procedures and adhesives during the replacement process. The adhesive dries for one hour before you can drive your vehicle away, windshield replaced.
  • Finally, we provide customers with our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee, which states that if your new windshield is damaged within 12 months after the replacement, we will repair or replace your windshield free of charge.

Glass Doctor works with all major insurance carriers and can take care of the paperwork, making this process as convenient as possible for you.

Wondering If You Need a Replacement?

The structural integrity of your vehicle, and the safety of those inside it, is important to Glass Doctor. Our auto glass experts have the skills and experience necessary to securely replace your windshield, and will determine the cost of a replacement for your make and model.

If you think your vehicle may be in need of a windshield replacement, call 855-603-1919 to get a quote or schedule an appointment or consultation.