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Broken Glass Repair

The first step to repairing broken glass is deciding whether it is worth making the repair rather than simply replacing it. Once you decide to repair the piece, you need to decide if you want to fix the broken glass yourself or hire a glass professional to do the job

Should You Bother to Repair Broken Glass?

Not all broken glass is worth the trouble and expense to repair. Before you invest time, money and energy into repairing broken glass yourself, you may want to ask yourself:

  • Is the broken glass valuable?
  • Does the broken glass piece hold sentimental value for you?
  • Is the broken glass a family heirloom?
  • Can the piece be replaced?

Glass You Can Repair on Your Own

Some broken glass is easy to repair on your own, assuming you have the time, patience and skill to do so. Other glass pieces are too delicate, valuable or complicated to fix on your own.

  • Clean breaks in stemware, vases, and glass bowls may be able to be fixed with epoxies and adhesives you can find in a hardware store.
  • Chips in glass tabletops and shelves can also be a DIY project.

Once you decide you should repair the broken glass, you can purchase a window glass repair kit at an auto parts store, in the automotive section of a department store, or in a hardware store. Follow the instructions on the glass repair kit to repair broken glass tabletops or shelves. 

Supply List for DIY Repairs

You can also create your own glass repair kit for simple DIY jobs. You’ll need:

  • clear epoxy glue, sold in two parts: resin and hardener
  • toothpicks
  • cotton swabs
  • acetone or nail polish remover

Other items you may need include:

  • a small mixing dish and stick
  • clamping supports
  • masking tape
  • pan filled with sand
  • clothespins
  • modeling clay
  • rubber bands
  • scarp wood and nails, or paraffin

Simple broken glass repairs can be made following these instructions. Always be sure to wear safety gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges.

Call Glass Doctor Today

A broken or shattered window, a cracked windshield and cut glass family heirlooms should be handled by a professional glass repair shop. Large or delicate jobs like these require skill, experience and equipment. Call Glass Doctor® today at 855-603-1919 to repair your broken glass.



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